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Rounded corners of Div using CSS

In early versions of browsers when CSS3 was not supported, rounded corner of any div was done using images. Now it can be done in simple HTML CSS. ASP.NET ajaxtoolkit also provides an extender for the same.

Loading User Controls in ASP.NET (With & Without Constructors)

ASP.Net provides many ways to re-use the code. This not only save time but also keeps your code in very organised way. When I say re-use the code, this means not only server end programming code, but also HTML content.

Display Indian Rupee Symbol (Rs.) in HTML page

There are multiple ways to display Indian Rupee symbol (Rs.) in HTML File. These can be using Web API, creating custom CSS or using the Unicode symbol.

Saving Multiple Images in PDF File (VB.NET)

Ealier we discussed saving Multiple Images in Multiframe TIFF Image. Another method to manage Multiple Images is creating PDF File.

Saving Multiple Images in One Multipage Tiff File (VB.NET)

The most convinient way of managing multiple images is saving image in Multipage TIFF or MultiPage PDF Files. Here I am sharing method, how we can save multiple images in single MultiPage or MultiFrame TIFF File.

Password Protecting Your Windows XP System in Network Sharing

While sharing files over the network, you may have noticed that in windows xp, there is not password protection in-built feature while accessing your system over the network. This means that anyone using the same workgroup or domain can access the files within your shared folder

Highlight Search Keyword Using Regular Expression Class in ASP.NET

Most of the time, all of us give searching facility in our web applications. While displaying results we often need to highlight the matched keywords. Though there can be lots of ways to display matched keywords highlighted but the best one I feel is using Regular Expression.

How To Check If String Contains Numeric Number (SQL Server)

Yesterday I was working on a project where we need to exclude those records where column contains numeric number in value even if its a single numeric digit. So I googled a bit and found a very easy trick.

Activate Edit Mode in WebBrowser Control (VB.NET)

Web browser control is basically used to navigate the web pages. But it also provide the functionality to customize the content. For e.g. If we want to create an Emailer wherein we want to apply styles to our content and send the Email programmically then WebBrowser Control allow us to Edit / Create the content, after which we can view it's HTML and send it as HTML body in our Email program.

Image Uploading and Resizing in ASP.NET

We often give Image uploading facility to our site users where they can upload image of their own / products etc. Users are free to upload any size of image, however we can control the size of image for neat and fast display of image after uploading. Here I discuss the way to resize the image in ASP.NET before saving it to server.

How to perform case sensitive searches in SQL Server?

We all know that SQL server is case insesitive for the searches. Case Insensitive search means Sql server don’t differenciate between upper and lower case of words and would return as per spelling. But more often we have to make some case sensitive searches in the query. Here are few methods to perform this case sensitive search.

SQL Server ask for restart everytime while installation.

Installing SQL Server can be sometime very annoying job. I felt this while I was installing SQL Server 2005 in my system. As soon as the installation starts, it would give error like Previous Installation is pending.... and was asking for system restart everytime. So I Googled a bit and found one solution, which I am sharing.

April 15, 2012

Welcome to KuljeetSingh.com

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For me, KuljeetSingh.com is the way to share about myself, my knowledge, my experience and my skills. I believe in open source of knowledge and committed to learn and share knowledge from each source we can have. I am always open for suggestions. Please write me at Contact@KuljeetSingh.com


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