Utilities and Free Stuff

In this section, we would like to share free utilities and sample projects. It's a License free stuff so feel free to use it in any way. Please note to take backup before working / running any project / utility. Utilities are attached with GNU General Public License.

Free Utility - SQL Creater (Compare and Syncronize SQL Databases).

SQL Creater is a free utility that compares two MS SQL databases and generate script for missing table fields.

The utility was created to deploy all the database changes, made for advanced versions of application, on client side. This utility compares two databases and generate a script for all the tables, table fields existing in source database and missing in destination database. It also generates script for all the views, Stored Procedures and functions in source database. This is a very basic version of comparing database and doesn't create script for alter column width / datatype, custom database types or encrypted procedures.

How to run?
1. Download the attached utility
2. Unzip on the required location.
3. Locate the file "sql_creater.sql" in Utility folder
4. Take backup of the source database (Database whoose fields will be checked)
5. Take backup of the destination database (Database where fields need to be checked)
6. Create the attached functions (sql_creater.sql) in source database.
7. Run the attached Utility and provide the source and destination database details.
8. Provide the Save Path for the script file.
9. Submit and generate script file.
10. After the file is generated, run the file in destination database after backup.
11. Both the databases are synchronized now. (table, table fields, view, procedures and functions).

It can be useful in some scenarios for e.g.
1. In most cases, when we make some database changes in our application, adding a new field in table may not refresh column structure in its related Views.
2. We forget to track lots of database changes while doing multiple application changes and we are unable to figure out how to deploy these database changes on client side.

Download SQL Creater


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