My Projects

Below is the list of few of my Projects. Nearly all the projects / applications represent various domains that I have worked upon.

NBFCs (Non Banking Financial Companies)

Clients 100 + clients across INDIA
Platform VB / SQL Server 2000 / Crystal Reports / Component-One Studio
The Offline application for the Non Banking Finance Companies. The application is used to manage everything related to finance and related accounting. The application is generating approx 100 + reports for modules like Hire Purchase, Hypothecation, Loans, Trade Accounts & Deposits. It is also used to maintain financial accounting and generates all the accounting reports like Day Book, Cash Book, Bank Book, Profit & Loss, Trail Balance and Balance Sheet etc. The application is like a small ERP focusing on finance and accounting.
  1. Manage Accounts - General Accounts, Control Accounts, HP, Hypothecation, Loans & Deposits
  2. EMI Calculation, IRR Calculation, Overdue Calculation
  3. Voucher Entry for all the transactions
  4. Managing PDCs, Installment Overdue, SMS for EMI
  5. Accounting Reports like Day Book, Bank Book, Cash Book, P & L, Trail & Balance sheet etc.
  6. Finance Reports like - Debtor Summary, Defaulter Summary, Party Statement, Agewise Analysis calculation & summary
  7. Finance Reports like - FD & RD Statement, Premature Calucation Report, Pre-closer of account etc.
  8. Receipt Printing, Voucher Printing, Letters Generation etc.
  9. 100 + Reports overall for Accounting & Finance
  10. User friendly interface, Multi User & Multi Company Data Management
  11. Reporting in Crystal Reports, Export to Excel, XML Reports
  12. DOS Printing for continous printing


Auto Memo Tool

e-Payroll Web Application

Super Assist Tool

Hotel Governance Tool

Travel Domain Software

Multi Level Marketing Software

Inventory Management

Stock Management for MLM Companies

Online Accounting System

Car Sale / Purchase Management

Online Organiser



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