Mar 3, 2013

Password Protecting Your Windows XP System in Network Sharing

While sharing files over the network, you may have noticed that in windows xp, there is not password protection in-built feature while accessing your system over the network. This means that anyone using the same workgroup or domain can access the files within your shared folder

The good news is that there is a work around that seems to do the trick and simply involves creating a password for the guest account. Since shared folders are accessed over the network using the guest account, once the password for the guest account is set, a user in your workgroup or network domain must supply a valid username and password for the guest account to access the shared folder and contents. Password protecting a shared folder:

1. Log into Windows XP as an Administrator
2. Click Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts, then click on Guest Account and make sure it is turned on
3. Now Click Start -> Run, type cmd in the entry box, and click Ok
4. At the command prompt, type Net user guest password and press Enter
5. Again, Click Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts, then click onGuest Account

Notice that you can now set a password on the Guest Account.
Set a Password and restart your Computer.

Now, when a person try to access your shared folder, he / she will be prompted for a password to continue.

Use the username "Guest" and "password" you have set to access the protected shared folders from network.

Hope, it may be useful.


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